Blue examines black women’s subjectivity, social memory, and the racial geography of the Caribbean coastal city of Bluefields, Nicaragua and the region's rural communities. The series is based on ethnographic and historical fieldwork I have conducted in Nicaragua since 2004 and recovers the submerged histories of black women's leadership and subject formation in the region by researching and restaging the experiences of everyday women as well as established historical figures. The series also draws inspiration from the paintings of June Beer (1935-1986), a self-taught painter who became the first visual artist to emerge from the Coast. Beer's paintings provided the first organic visual representations of black social life in the Caribbean and created an alternative archive of women's embodied experience of race, place, gender, and sexuality. In the 1980s, Beer began painting her subjects a deep shade of blue tapping into a broader diasporic visual tradition. This series explores this diasporic imaginary, its reflection in the social and natural landscape, and its expression in the lives of black women.